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Crumbl Cookie Flavors

The 10 Best Crumbl Cookie Flavors You Must Try

As a huge Crumbl Cookie fan, I’m always looking forward to their weekly menu drops to see what new and exciting flavors they’ve whipped up. From classics like Milk Chocolate Chip to specialty creations like Galaxy Brownie, Crumbl Cookie continually impresses with unique flavor combinations and indulgent ingredients.

In my opinion, Crumbl makes some of the best gourmet cookies around. Their cookies perfectly balance soft and chewy textures with sweet and salty flavors. After many Crumbl cookie taste tests, I’ve narrowed down the 10 best Crumbl cookie flavors that you absolutely must try.

What is Crumbl Cookies?

Crumbl Cookies opened their first location in Logan, Utah in 2017 and has since exploded in popularity. Now with over 600 locations across the United States, Crumbl offers fresh-baked cookies in a fun, pink box each week.

Their rotating weekly menu features some classic cookie options alongside innovative specialty flavors. Crumbl has become known for experimenting with unique ingredients like popcorn, candy pieces, breakfast cereals, and more. They’ve even collabed with brands like Oreo, Snickers, Twix, and Reese’s.

Beyond the wildly creative flavors, what makes Crumbl Cookies so good is their perfect cookie consistency. Their cookies have a soft and chewy texture on the inside while slightly crispy on the edges. Each cookie is made fresh in-store and served warm for the ultimate indulgence.

Crumbl also frost many of their cookies with creamy, tangy cream cheese frosting. This puts their cookies over the top and makes them extra decadent. The brand nails the flavors, textures, and experience of enjoying these treats.

Now let’s dive into ranking the 10 best Crumbl cookie flavors that I think everyone must try at least once. These are my personal favorites from their ever-changing lineup.

Best Crumbl Cookie Flavors Ranked

1. Snickerdoodle Cupcake

Snickerdoodle Cupcake

The Snickerdoodle Cupcake cookie is one of Crumbl’s most beloved creations for good reason. It starts with their signature snickerdoodle cookie base of cinnamon sugar goodness. The soft cookie has a gentle chew with a hint of vanilla flavor.

What makes this cookie unforgettable is the addition of sweet cream cheese frosting, adding creamy tang to contrast the cinnamon. A light sprinkle of cinnamon sugar on top provides the perfect crunch. This combo is reminiscent of a cupcake but in satisfying cookie form.

With flavors of cinnamon, sugar, and vanilla, this cookie provides pure nostalgia. It’s sweet but not overly so, with layers of textures between the cookie base, frosting, and sugary topping. This snickerdoodle treat deserves a spot in Crumbl’s flavor hall of fame.

2. Chocolate Oreo

Chocolate Oreo

As an Oreo lover, the Chocolate Oreo cookie is a dream come true. It starts with a fudgy dark chocolate cookie loaded with rich chocolate flavor. The texture strikes the perfect balance between chewy and crumbly.

Crumbl then tops the chocolate cookie with sweet vanilla cream cheese frosting just like an Oreo. The frosting provides a tangy creaminess to complement the intense chocolate cookie. They finish it off by sprinkling Oreo cookie pieces on top.

This specialty flavor rivals the taste of the classic packaged Oreos we know and love. The combination of fudgy chocolate cookies, vanilla frosting, and Oreo bits truly encapsulates an Oreo in cookie form. From the flavors to the textures, Crumbl nailed this one.

3. Confetti Cake

Confetti Cake

What’s better than biting into a delicious birthday cake? Enjoying Crumbl’s Confetti Cake cookie, which perfectly captures that birthday cake essence. It starts with a buttery sugar cookie base with a hint of vanilla nuttiness.

They top the cake-like cookie with rich and tangy cream cheese frosting, just like a birthday cake. The frosting adds moisture and an indulgent texture. Then they decorate it with colorful sprinkles for a fun crunchy element.

From the flavors to the texture to the fun rainbow sprinkles, this specialty cookie encompasses everything we love about birthday cakes. It offers an overload of nostalgia in every bite. The combination of the moist cookie, tangy frosting, and festive sprinkles is superb.

Crumbl’s Confetti Cake cookie will instantly brighten your day like a birthday party in cookie form. It’s fun, nostalgic, and indulgent all in one sweet treat.

4. Chocolate Chip

Chocolate Chip

You can’t go wrong with a classic Chocolate Chip cookie done right. Crumbl’s take on this beloved cookie flavor has the nostalgic chocolate chip taste we crave. It’s made with semi-sweet chocolate chips melted into cookie dough for pockets of chocolate in every bite.

The buttery cookie dough complements the melty chocolate chips for the rich chocolate chip flavor we love. This cookie is sweeter and more indulgent than your average chocolate chip cookie. And the emphasis is truly on those milk chocolate chips shining in every bite.

Crumbl’s Chocolate Chip cookie has the quintessential flavors and textures of what you want from a great chocolate chip cookie. It’s soft yet chewy with a hint of crispiness around the edges. If you’re a chocolate chip cookie purist, Crumbl’s version will satisfy all your cravings.

5. Caramel Popcorn

Caramel Popcorn

The Caramel Popcorn cookie is one of Crumbl’s most creative flavor inventions. They start with a buttery, nutty sugar cookie foundation reminiscent of popped popcorn. The golden cookie has lovely toasted notes that complement the caramel flavors to come.

They then top the popcorn cookie base with a drizzle of sweet and sticky caramel cream cheese frosting. The frosting provides a smooth, velvety texture and more buttery caramel flavor.

To finish it off, they add crunchy caramel popcorn pieces and an extra caramel drizzle on top. The combination of the caramel flavors from the frosting and drizzle with the popcorn candy pieces puts this cookie over the top. It’s truly a caramel popcorn overload in the best way.

This Crumbl specialty encapsulates the delicious combo of sweet and salty caramel popcorn. From the cookie base to the textures and flavors on top, every element comes together to create cookie perfection.

6. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup

Reese's Peanut Butter Cup

Crumbl hit a home run with their Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup cookie, which is a total crowd pleaser. They start with a peanut butter cookie base that bakes up soft and dense with nutty peanut butter flavor punching through.

To take the peanut butter experience up a notch, they top the cookie with creamy peanut butter frosting and an extra dollop of silky peanut butter. The frosting and dollop add even more rich peanut butter taste and luxurious texture.

As if that wasn’t enough, they drizzle melted chocolate and sprinkle chunks of Reese’s Peanut Butter cups on top. The melted chocolate and candy pieces send this over the top for any extreme peanut butter lover.

Between the intense peanut butter cookie base and the Reese’s toppings, this specialty cookie is perfect for Reese’s fans. The combination of chocolate and peanut butter make for the ultimate pairing we can’t resist.

7. Circus Animal

Circus Animal

Crumbl’s whimsical Circus Animal cookie is a fun, sweet treat. It starts with a classic sugar cookie base, flaky in texture yet silky smooth. The buttery cookie has hints of vanilla for warmth and nostalgia.

They then top the sugar cookie with sweet white chocolate for an extra sugary boost. The white chocolate contrasts nicely with the more subtle sugar cookie while also adding texture.

To finish it off, they decorate the masterpiece with rainbow sprinkles. The sprinkles provide pops of color and a festive crunch. Overall the cookie encompasses the sweet, whimsy, and color of the circus.

While seemingly simple, this cookie gets the flavors and textures just right. The sugar cookie, white chocolate, and sprinkles balance beautifully to create a joyful, nostalgic treat. It’s hard not to smile with this cookie’s charming taste and look.

8. Milk Chocolate Chip

Milk Chocolate Chip

For chocolate chip cookie purists, Crumbl’s Milk Chocolate Chip takes the chocolate chip experience over the top. It starts with their signature cookie base that bakes up perfectly soft and chewy.

They then fill the cookie with melty pockets of milk chocolate chips rather than the usual semi-sweet chocolate. The milk chocolate chips offer an even sweeter, creamier chocolate taste compared to darker chips. They infuse the entire cookie with indulgent milk chocolate flavor in every bite.

The emphasis on milky chocolate combined with the soft and chewy cookie base makes this simple yet extra satisfying. It’s an over-the-top version of the chocolate chip cookie we grew up loving.

9. Galaxy Brownie

Galaxy Brownie

The Galaxy Brownie cookie captures everything I love about rich, fudgy brownies. Crumbl starts with a dense, dark chocolate brownie base swirled with silky chocolate frosting. The result is an ultra moist, decadent chocolate brownie bite.

They then take the brownie over the top by covering it with a chocolate lovers dream. They drizzle salted caramel, followed by silky chocolate frosting, chocolate chips, and cacao nibs for texture.

Every element, from the brownie base to the indulgent toppings, takes this specialty flavor to infinity and beyond. It encapsulates everything you want from a delicious brownie – fudgy, chocolaty, and extra decadent. The sweet and salty flavors make your tastebuds sing.

For extreme chocolate lovers, the Galaxy Brownie is one small cookie packed with enormous chocolate flavor. It’s a trip to outer space for your tastebuds.

10. Cornbread


My number one favorite Crumbl Cookie flavor is Cornbread. This unique specialty flavor combines my love of cookies and cornbread into one unbelievable treat. It starts with a sweet cornbread cookie base with hints of honey and corn.

The cookie base alone is delicious on its own. But Crumbl takes it to the next level by topping it with honey butter cream cheese frosting. The frosting adds a smooth, creamy sweet and salty dynamic.

Every element of this cookie, from the subtly sweet cornbread base to the honey buttercream frosting, is absolute perfection. It encapsulates the flavors of delicious fresh cornbread while making it uniquely “Crumbl” with their signature frosting.

The Cornbread cookie shows off Crumbl’s ability to make creative flavor combinations with surprising ingredients. This cookie continuously sells out for good reason. The flavors and textures together are mind-blowing. It’s my all-time favorite Crumbl cookie creation.

Final Thought

Crumbl Cookies has proven themselves as gourmet cookie experts. Their weekly rotating menu means there’s always an exciting new flavor to try on the horizon. While I’ve ranked my top 10 favorites, Crumbl delivers innovative, over-the-top cookie deliciousness each week.

I hope this list helps guide your next Crumbl cookie flavor choices. It’s hard to go wrong with their constant creativity and indulgent recipes. Every specialty encapsulates the soft and chewy cookie bliss we crave.

Do you have a favorite Crumbl cookie flavor that I didn’t include? Let me know in the comments, as I’m always looking for new Crumbl creations to try. Happy indulging in Crumbl cookie heaven!

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