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How to Make the Best Oreo Mug Cake

How to Make the Best Oreo Mug Cake

Have you seen the Oreo mug cake craze on TikTok lately? This simple two-ingredient Oreo mug cake recipe has gone viral, and for good reason. It’s the perfect quick and easy dessert that satisfies your Oreo and chocolate cake cravings. In this article, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know to make the best Oreo mug cake at home.

About Oreo Mug Cakes

Oreo mug cakes are moist, rich, and chocolatey cakes made in a mug with just Oreos and milk. It’s literally Oreos in cake form! They have a soft and fluffy texture that you’ll love.

Oreo mug cakes became hugely popular on TikTok in 2020. People loved sharing how to make this simple, decadent treat with just two ingredients. It’s the perfect viral recipe that appeals to Oreo lovers and chocolate dessert enthusiasts.

The simplicity of the Oreo mug cake recipe is a huge reason for its popularity online. You don’t need to be an expert baker to make this cake in a mug. It’s effortless to whip up for a quick sweet treat any time.

Why This Oreo Mug Cake Recipe Is So Good

There are a few reasons why this Oreo mug cake is so delicious and satisfies your cravings perfectly:

  • It’s incredibly quick and easy to make. You can bake this mug cake in just 1 minute in the microwave. Simply mix two ingredients and you’ll have a warm, gooey cake. It doesn’t get much easier than that!
  • The texture of this Oreo mug cake is divine. It’s moist, rich, and fudgy with a soft, fluffy crumb. It tastes exactly like you’re dipping Oreos in milk, but in cake form.
  • This recipe is so versatile. It can satisfy cravings for Oreos, chocolate cake, or just a decadent dessert. No matter what you’re in the mood for, this Oreo mug cake hits the spot.

So if you want a fast and indulgent chocolate cake that requires minimal effort, this viral Oreo mug cake recipe is perfect for you. Now let’s get into the ingredients you’ll need.

Oreo Mug Cake Ingredients

The two main ingredients for this recipe are:

  • 4 Oreos: The Oreos create the base of the cake batter and provide that iconic flavor. Make sure you use the original Oreos instead of Double Stuf or Thins.
  • 3 tablespoons milk: The milk helps bind the crushed Oreos together to create a cake batter consistency. Any type of milk works from dairy to non-dairy milks.

You can also top your finished Oreo mug cake with whipped cream for extra creaminess, but it’s optional.

Play around with using different Oreo flavors like Golden, Mint, or even seasonal ones like Red Velvet or Eggnog. The possibilities are endless!

Step-By-Step Instructions for Making Oreo Mug Cake

Ready to bake this viral Oreo mug cake? Follow these simple step-by-step instructions:

1. Prep the Mug

Grease a small microwave-safe mug, ramekin, or bowl with nonstick cooking spray. Make sure to coat the bottom and sides. This helps the cake come out cleanly after baking.

2. Make the Cake Batter

Add 4 Oreos to the prepared mug and crush them into chunks and crumbs using a spoon. Then pour 3 tablespoons of milk over the crushed Oreos. Stir with a fork until a thick batter forms.

3. Microwave

Microwave the Oreo mug cake on high power for 45 seconds to 1 minute. The timing depends on your microwave strength. microwave in short 15-second bursts until the cake is cooked through. The cake is done when the center is just set and a toothpick inserted comes out clean.

4. Cool and Top

Allow the Oreo mug cake to cool for at least 5 minutes before digging in. Top with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream if desired. Enjoy your warm, fudgy mug cake!

Tips for Making the Best Oreo Mug Cake

Here are some tips to take your Oreo mug cake from good to great:

  • For a fluffier texture, add 1/4 teaspoon baking powder to the dry Oreo crumbs before adding the milk. The baking powder helps the cake rise more.
  • Customize the flavor by using different types of milk like almond or oat milk. You can also use chocolate milk for an extra chocolatey cake.
  • Mix in cocoa powder or mini chocolate chips along with the Oreos to make it even richer and more chocolate forward.
  • Bake the mug cake in the oven at 350°F for about 10 minutes instead of the microwave for a more traditional cake texture.
  • Serve warm with vanilla ice cream for the ultimate Oreo ice cream cake in a mug!

Frequently Asked Questions About Oreo Mug Cakes

How do you make an Oreo mug cake in the microwave?

Making an Oreo mug cake in the microwave is easy. Simply crush 4 Oreos into a greased mug. Add 3 tablespoons milk and mix to form a thick batter. Microwave on high for 45 seconds to 1 minute until set. Let cool before enjoying.

What are some tips for the best microwave mug cake?

Some tips include: don’t overcook, monitor cooking time, allow resting time before eating, add a dash of baking powder or cocoa powder for a fluffier or richer cake. Grease the mug well so it comes out clean.

What exactly is an Oreo mug cake?

An Oreo mug cake is a moist, fudgy chocolate cake made in a mug with Oreos and milk. The Oreos act as the flour and fat for the cake batter when crushed with milk. It’s literally Oreos baked into cake form!

How do you prevent Oreo mug cakes from becoming rubbery?

Using the right ratio of Oreos to milk and not overcooking are keys for a moist mug cake texture. You can also add 1/4 teaspoon baking powder to help it stay fluffy and prevent rubberiness. Don’t use too much milk.

Why might an Oreo mug cake not turn out fluffy?

If your Oreo mug cake is dense rather than fluffy, it’s likely because too much milk was added or not enough Oreo crumbs are present. Try adding baking powder or an extra Oreo for a fluffier texture.

Satisfy Your Oreo Craving Now

This viral two-ingredient Oreo mug cake recipe truly delivers when those Oreo cookie or chocolate dessert cravings hit. It’s incredibly easy to whip up in just a few minutes. With its fudgy texture and true Oreo flavor, this mug cake is sure to become your new go-to treat.

The next time you want a quick, decadent cake, give this Oreo mug cake a try. Customize it to your tastes with different milks, Oreo flavors, or mix-ins. Share photos of your Oreo mug cake creations and enjoy this viral dessert sensation.

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